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You Can LOSE 6-21 Inches, Minimize Cellulite, Tone your Skin and Detoxify Your Body in Only 60 Minutes with My Home Body Wrap Recipes...GUARANTEED!

Herbal Body Wrap Results

Here's a small selection of the great feedback for 'Wrap Yourself Slim' from the last 10 years!

I lost 4 inches on my stomach area.

That is the only place I need to lose. I am trying it again in a couple of days.

Edwina, TX

I have been using your wraps for health reasons (however, it does not hurt my feelings that I also have lost inches). I love the detoxifying effects. Thank you so much for your help and thanks for all the information that you have in Wrap Yourself Slim!!!!

Misty, CO

I have performed 3 body wraps on myself, I have actually lost inches and I don't think I could live without them. I have a favorite pair of jeans that I could not get in to no matter what I did. After my last wrap, I couldn't believe that they fit and still do. I am now trying for a dress that has been hanging in my closet for a few years. Wish me luck!

Kathleen, NY

Bought it loved it using it :)

I love the feeling of my skin afterwards too and my clothes do feel looser after the third one :)

Catherine, Australia

I did do a few wraps a while ago and was pleased with the results as the formulas you wrote about did work, and were a very encouraging way to stick to a diet. I thank you in advance once again for your prompt reply to this e-mail.

Carole, NJ

I ordered your e-book a couple of years ago. I believe before the update and was curious if I am entitled to receive the updates/new book for free. I loved your formulas and saw great results. I remember from my past experience that your formulas not only helped in my weight loss, took off inches, but it also tightened everything up. Anyway, I would love to get the updates and hear about this shrinking gel and I noticed that it said members receive updates for free, so I am hoping that I am also entitled to those. Thanks for writing such a great book!

Kelli L. Allen

Me and my cousin really enjoy your wraps and they work! I have lost 14 inches after 1 wrapping. My skin feels so soft. Thanks Danielle!

Missy, TX

I really appreciate you have shared this secret. Five months ago I was a happy pregnant woman. After coming out of my pregnancy I am needing some help. I know the wraps work. In my native Panama I paid $500 per 12 wrappings, massages, aromateraphy etc. The results were amazing!! But it was a lot of $$$ and a mystery. I love your book! I am now visiting local health and Drug stores and buying with confidence and knowledge. You have open up a whole new world to me . I enjoyed your book so much. Your book is more that just wrapping. It is an invitation to healthy life style. Thanks to your book I have strengthen my conviction that God has provide everything we need. I am attaching a picture of myself and my 5 months old baby. I will keep your posted about my results with Wrapping Yourself Slim.

Deyka, FL

You are the best. Thanks for the newsletters. I have a sister (actually 5) but one that is very overweight. Our mother was obese, but very beautiful. She died at 56. My sister is 44 and is struggling to lose weight before it is way too late. I gave her a body wrap, and she was so excited she cried. Since then she has lost 15lbs. She has started to exercise and is very motivated. I know from my own experience that a body wrap doesn't just make you feel pampered, it motivates you to take care of your body. I am doing a test group using her and I . I love you information! Thanks !!!


I purchsed the book last summer and had good results using your S** & E** wrap formula. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful product! Sincerely,

Kay W, Washington DC

PS- When will the next newsletter be sent, I enjoy receiving them:)

I LOVE your book! It's amazing how much we spend on something so easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing this information. All the best.

Amaril B, CA

I have tried 2 of your wrap formulas and am happy with the results. Your book is a quick read and easy to understand. keep me posted on your updated formulas.

Patrice M, IN

PS-- I loved your K** facial recipe you included in your last Newsletter. It left my face so soft.

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